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SAKTI means strength in my native language. It always associated with women power.  The above non-profit organization will bring together all the women around the world and specifically in USA to find their tribe and spend time learning  and contributing meaningfully in this software industry. 

This is just in ideation phase. But I am passionate to bring together all the women who doesn't have work permit in USA thanks to very old immigration systems, who feels suffocated and need direction to achieve something in their life. There are so many things one can contribute to improve their knowledge and still be able to be relevant on their experience. This initiate will give 1x1 coaching how they can choose various path enrolling in college (low cost options). Volunteer opportunities in teaching kids or people who need to learn coding. 


This initiative will also bring in some podcast with tech-mom with little one.  I would love to bring in very bright moms who hold leadership position and want to write about their experience. How they continue to balance everything and still con-curing in their own fields so look out for that series.

The third initiative part of this organization will be emphasizing on self care. We often so busy to prove our self we completely forget that we need to step back and pause sometime. Make self care a very big priority. 

I will be looking for volunteers to help me succeed with above, So feel free to reach out to me. you will find ways to reach out in my footer links. I am waiting meet some great mind and make very one feel powerful through SAKTI initiates.

- Priyanka

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